About the Artist

👋 Hi I’m Lauren, a biomedical artist in Austin, Texas.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for private practices, health research centers, hospitals, and biotech companies. Usually as a web designer, sometimes as a medical illustrator creating publication-ready images with 3D software.

Cells, bones, tissues, microbes, proteins, viruses… you get the picture.

I’d render all sorts of biomedical shapes during the day, then watch anime or play video games at night. That bright aesthetic must have seeped into my subconscious because one night, when I lingered on the edge of sleep, my mind mixed the two and exploded with vivid, magical medical shapes.

And thus, Biomedical Dreamcore was born.

Take your time, look around. If you buy one of my pieces, I want it to feel like a treasure. My goal is for my work to resonate and bring you joy!


👉 See more of my work on my Instagram